Dear Sir/Madam,

We are glad to kindly invite you to the Third ADFLIM School in Russia. This event is going to take place in the State National University of Saratov city on the enchanting bank of Volga River. The place and time of our Third ADFLIM School will be combined with Saratov’s Fall Meeting (), which collects over 500 attendances every year. Our main audience is young scientists, postgraduates, and students from Russia and post-Soviet countries.

Generally, we are going to continue focusing on fluorescent imaging methods and their practical application. Essentially, we devote this workshop to the high-resolution microscopy, multiphoton-imaging FlIM, CARS, STED, FCS and FRET methods of studying molecular inter- and intracellular processes.  

Russian-Germany Round-table on Societal Importance of Biophotonics: Innovation, Education, and Networking will be colocated with 3-d ADFLIM School too and devoted to the emerging multidisciplinary research areas of Biophotonics, embracing all light-based technologies applied to the life sciences and medicine. The event will bring together scientists and specialists of all innovative fields of Biophotonics.

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We are looking forward to greeting you at our Third ADFLIM 
School .

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Alexander Savitsky,

Valery Tuchin & Wolfgang Becker